South Shore Manufacturing has been ingrained in the surfing industry since 1968. Jerry Mowe developed Flexpads for use in his own surfboard glassing business in 1976. Originally, South Shore Manufacturing was located in Costa Mesa, Tustin and Newport Beach California. Specializing in surfboard glassing, private label surfboard manufacturing and surfboard blank production. He moved out of Southern California in 1983 and has been located in Powers, Oregon ever since.                 

Flexpad Professional Sanding Products came along originally for use in our own factory. The development of the products over the years has really been profound. Jerry likes working first hand with craftsman to create a 100% custom built sanding pad.

I’ve been developing FLEXPAD products since 1976. It’s important to me to produce a professional level product. Skilled hands know the difference. Took me close to 50 years to make a almost perfect sanding pad. I doubt I’ll ever get there but it sure is fun trying and I know my customers appreciate the improvements! I’ve never met a builder that at the end of it all, didn’t think they could do it better. So this Flexpad has kept me up many nights!
— Jerry Mowe

Throughout the years our company consistently evolves to meet the needs of our customers around the world.

If you want to know more about South Shore Manufacturing, please check out our instagram link where you can find pictures and information on some pretty bitchin' surfing history!