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How do I find out the spindle (hub) size on my machine?

Google the make and model number on your machine to find that information.

What is the best all around sanding pad?

The Red Medium 8 Inch Flexpad and the Red Medium 6 Inch Flexpad. We sell more of these pads than any other foam density. This pad is a workhorse!

What kind of sandpaper do I use with the White SB9 or Yellow SB12 Velcro shaping/sanding Blocks?

Use our special 4 1/2" x 11" Indasa sandpaper or our Abranet shaping screen. They can be used on both blocks.

I'm using sticky (PSA) sandpaper to wet sand with and the paper won't stay on.

A better choice would be to use sandpaper adhesive as a glue.

How important is it to follow the suggested RPM levels on the Flexpads?

Following the suggested RPM levels will increase the performance of the pad while decreasing the chance of premature wear and tear. In two words VERY IMPORTANT!

My sandpaper is stuck on my Flexpad, how do I remove it?

The most efficient way to remove the sandpaper is to pull it off wile the pad and paper are still warm from sanding. The longer it sits the harder it can be to remove. Don't try to pull your paper off cold because it can stick and tear. You will also be applying unnecessary pull against the pad face especially when there is a large glue build up. You also can try using a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat it back up. But be careful not to get it to hot or it will melt or burn.

What kind of adhesive can be used to attach sandpaper to the cloth face of my Flexpad?

  • Fast Tack Sandpaper adhesive
  • 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • 3M Feathering Disc Adhesive Type 2
  • Camie 300 General Purpose Adhesive

Tacky Disc Adhesive ( CAUTION: Because of the high build and stick properties of Tacky, long term use could shorten the life of your pad. You have to make sure you pull the paper off when the pad and the glue are warm. Failure to do this could damage the face of the pad, especially on the softer pads ). Keep you pad face clean.

What's the  best machine to use?

A. Milwaukee #55407 7" polisher/sander or a De-Walt #DWP849X 7" polisher/sander. Also battery powered machines are becoming very popular. For fine sanding you should turn the speed setting on the machine all the way down to use with the soft pads and all the way up to use with the hard and extra hard pads. Only use the larger higher RPM machines with the hard and extra hard pads for grinding, 5000 RPM should be the limit. DO NOT free spin any FLEXPAD onto the machine hub. It could be hard to get off.




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