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6 Inch Yellow Soft Flexpad

6 Inch Yellow Soft Flexpad

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Quick Tips

  • The Yellow Soft Flexpad is used for finish and fine sanding.
  • Ideal for repair work.
  • Maximum RPM 3000. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
paul Bogdan
Get One

Great pads
Love em!

clint jones
I love Flexpad

Flexpads are great. They perform so smoothly. The only time I don't use them is a hard 8 inch power pad for an extremely hard pad for flats or a meguiars foam polishing pad for polishing or rails. I use flexpads for everything else. Something to note about this pad is I think it still functions like a medium pad. Although the 8 inch soft pad flexes a lot and performs like a soft pad, the 6 inch version only flexes a little on the edge so basically functions like a medium pad. The hard, medium, and soft 6 inch pads are pretty similar, with just progressively a little more flex at the edge. The extra hard pad is good for extra hard grinding, and the softy is basically the only one that performs with a lot of flex.