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Indasa Abrasives

8" RHYNOGRIP White Line Hook & Loop Discs

8" RHYNOGRIP White Line Hook & Loop Discs

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Quick Tips

  • For dry sanding.
  • Use the 8" Indasa hook & loop paper with the Flexpad 8" Velcro hook face sanding pad.
  • High cutting power and stock removal.
  • Anti clogging lubricant layer (150 to 400 grit).
  • Suitable for many applications/materials.
  • High performance and good surface finish.
  • No adhesive required. Easy on and off.
  • For Flexpad grip hook & loop sanding pads.
  • Runs cooler than glue systems so it will last longer.
  • Sanding and finishing of fillers, composite materials, polyester resin, soft woods, wood coatings, fiberglass, walls and dry wall.
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